Laser Liposuction

Body contouring is a very important part of feeling as well as looking your best. You have options when it comes to finding a laser liposuction Chicago plastic surgeon. But, we offer a laser lipo alternative to the more invasive surgical procedures. This procedure is known as Cool lipo. If you have tried dieting and exercise but have not had the results you desired, Cool Lipo may be a good option.

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Our surgeons and patients have been very happy with the results they see. We now encouraging many of our patients to consider Cool lipo along with other liposuction procedures.

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How Cool Lipo Works

Cool Lipo is a laser-assisted system that destroys and eliminates fat cells in specific parts of the body. We use a minimally invasive laser to break up fat cells and liquefy them so they can be easily removed. Laser liposuction is not intended as a weight loss solution, but rather for contouring the body to give a more pleasant appearance. The Cool Lipo laser has been used in Europe for many years and FDA approved in United States since 2008.

This system results in less swelling and bruising than conventional liposuction. Ultimately, this leads to faster healing and recovery.

As mentioned above, the Cool Lipo technique can supplement traditional methods of cellulite treatment. This is similar to Ultherapy. Cool Lipo laser is minimally invasive. This means it can often require only local anesthesia. This helps reduce the likelihood of side effects.

Typically, you can go home a couple offers after treatment.

If you are not ready for a more aggressive body contouring procedure, or have minimal fat deposits, this may be the answer for you. We encourage you to call our office today at (630) 320-6590. Call now to schedule a personalized consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for this Cool Lipo laser Chicago option.